40 Years Later, Britain Souring On European Union

40 Years Later Support Wanes About Promise Of The EU
The excitement and hope that marked Britain’s entry into the EU has waned as doubts and questions remain about the decision. Andrew Gilligan posits in London’s Telegraph that much of the skepticism in Britain stems from the failure of the EU to provide the prosperity which so many believed at its beginning would occur. While economic growth did take place in the 1970s and 1980s, the last decades have been lost.

“Throughout the past decade, as the EU charged on blindly expanding its powers, even ‘good Europeans’ such as Ireland, the Netherlands and even France started rejecting its treaties and constitutions in referendums. Above all, of course, there has been the debacle of the euro, the decisive wrong turn that changed the EU from a broadly successful institution into one that seems to have condemned many of its members to, at best, years of stagnation and misery,” he writes.

Furthermore, says Gilligan, the EU leadership “have shown little recognition of the inherent structural flaws of the currency, preferring instead to prop up failure. Across much of the continent, the EU’s fatal lack of real popular consent may be catching up with it.”

European Union Launches Ad Campaign Stressing Its Benefits
Acknowledging the decline in public support, the European Union is setting forth to improve it image by declaring 2013 the European Year of Citizens and laying out plans to highlight the advantages, such as cheaper cross-border phone calls, of EU membership.



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