Will Obama Re-Pivot Back To The Middle East?

Obama Needs To Re-Pivot To Middle East, Analysts Argue
Still on his first visit to Asia, foreign policy analysts Robert Kagan and Martin Indyk continue that President Obama cannot take his focus off of the Middle East in his second term.

Indyk asserts in Foreign Policy that President Obama needs to pivot back to the Middle East.

“What’s urgently required is not just the establishment of a ceasefire before continued rocket fire prompts Israel’s leadership to send the IDF into Gaza. Also needed now is a longer-term strategy to stabilize relations between Israel and Gaza as a basis for healing the longstanding rift between Palestinians, which is the only way Israel could even begin to contemplate negotiating a final resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But none of these can happen if the White House continues to focus on Asia,” he writes.

Kagan adopts a similar argument in The Washington Post, saying that what concerns people in the Middle East “is not American decline but America’s declining interest — the sense that the Obama administration, and the American people, have about washed their hands of the Middle East.”

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