Tuesday Morning Headlines

Envoys Travel To Middle East In Search Of Peace
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon are both on missions to the Middle East as the war between Hamas and Israel intensifies.

The Arab Spring has introduced several new actors to the Middle East stage, most notably in Egypt. The region may be in a state of change, but the old hatreds between Israel and Hamas endure – with a vengeance.

Just how does Israel’s “iron dome” differentiate between missiles targeting uninhabited areas and population centers?

Tensions In The Congo Escalate

The ongoing conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has escalataed in recent days as rebel forces claimed control of the eastern city of Goma, which has caused thousands of civilians and United Nations workers to flee.

Simon Tinsdall details the long, cyclical history of the violence in the African nation. In his column in The Guardian, Tinsdall says that indifference and ignorance have contributed to the worsening conditions.

Yet the fact that Britain, the UN, Rwanda, the DRC government, the M23 and other parties directly or indirectly involved in this tragedy continue to act irresponsibly, or fail to act at all, is partly a result of the ignorance and indifference to Congo evident among public opinion in the developed world,”

Who Killed The Twinkie?
As a judge granted Hostess workers a reprieve and ordered the sides back to the negotiating table, the debate over who is responsible for decline of the baked goods giant continues. So, who is to blame? Depends upon who you ask.

Thomas Sowell argues in the Investors Business Daily that it is the unions who bear the most responsibility, but The Nation columnist John Nichols sees “vulture capitalism” as the root of the problems plaguing the maker of Twinkies.

Is Tinkering Better Than A Complete Overhaul Of The Tax Code?
columnist Felix Salmon sees many ways to reform the tax code and believes that introducing smaller, more targeted fixes makes more sense than pursuing a full reworking of the tax code.

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