Thanksgiving Day Headlines

Middle East Peace Holds For Now
Palestinians are in the streets, but this time it is not to raise their guns against Israel, but in celebration of the nascent truce. As the dust settles, many are trying to come to grips with the geopolitical changes which have occurred in the last week.

Israel may not be involved in direct talks with Iran and Hamas, but its negotiations with Egypt over the last few days served as proxy talks. Those discussions have also raised the profile and influence of Egypt’s President Morsi.

US and China Are Moving Forward As Europe Slides Backwards
The latest purchasing managers indexes (PMIs) show Europe is on a path to its worst showing since 2009 and it could get worse as it declines “at an alarming pace.”

Thanksgiving Day: Turkey With A Side Of Politics
Even Thanksgiving Day comes with a dash of politics as Republicans, President Obama send their wishes. But this should not come as a surprise as even George Washington’s 1789 address carried a tinge of the political.

Et Cetera
After one last gasp, Hostess takes its last breath.

More than 10 years later, a judge rules that United Airlines was not to fault for collapse of the World Trade Center towers.

Americans have many Thanksgiving Day traditions – touch football, annual Turkey Trots, and shopping? Yes, early Black Friday sales are now part of the annual regimen.


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