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Will Monopolies Doom China’s Economic And Political Stability?
As China’s new leaders take the reins of power one of the questions they are certain to face in an ever-evolving global society is whether state-run capitalism is an economic model that can carry them forward.

Given the monopolies in the banking and oil industries, some economists are worried those conglomerates will simply stifle smaller companies and the nation’s economic growth and political stability in the process.

The monopolies have exacerbated the divide between the classes in China and are resulting in a mounting problem for the Chinese government – not just protests, but very public protests.

Challenges To Syria’s Fractured Opposition Are Numerous
The hesitancy of the West to become more involved in the conflict in Syria is placing more pressure on the ragtag coalition of opposition groups to form a cohesive government should Bashar al-Assad cede power. More immediate and crucial is whether these groups can form a consensus on which rebel forces on the ground in Syria to back.

Are Cold War-era Veterans Getting Their Proper Due?
Barry Newman writes in the Wall Street Journal that veterans who served in crises during the Cold War have been ignored because the multi-decade conflict was never a “declared war.”

Did Economic Myths Drive Female Voters From The GOP?
There was lots of talk about equal pay, contraception, and the “war on women” during the last presidential campaign. Was the discussion in the media and on the campaign trail based in fact, or were economic issues shaped by long-term myths?

Will Africa Receive More Attention In An Obama Second-Term?
American foreign policy has been defined for decades by the belief that Africa truly was the “dark continent” which did not merit the level of attention that should be paid to Europe and Asia. Yet, as Africa emerges as a growing economic force and, conversely, as a focal point in the global war on terror Washington may have to pay the continent greater due.

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