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Syrian Tanks Enter The Golan Heights
As three Syrian tanks travelled into the demilitarized zone of the Golan Heights, rebel groups were meeting in Doha, Qatar to discuss forming an alternative coalition to the Syrian National Conference. The group is hoping to reach a consensus on both membership and a uniting party platform.

Meanwhile, the violence continued, most notably with a terrorist bomb attack on a Damascus hotel.

Disaster Response
Amy Liu of the Brookings Institution contends that disaster response cannot be entirely left up to the Federal government. Nor can the responsibility be borne solely by states. In the end, it is an “all-and-the-above” approach that serves best in disaster response.

The Wall Street Journal‘s Michael Tanner weighs in saying that despite calls for bigger government as a response to bigger disasters, more is not better.

The Fight Against World Hunger
While hunger is a long way from being eradicated (if it ever can be), progress is being made to combat starvation in some of the most troubled regions. In 2012, there was a decline of 132 million in the number of the world’s people living with hunger.

“We need to continue to do even better, but the smarter and more integrated approaches we’ve adopted in recent years to address hunger have put us on a good trajectory,” says Rick Leach, president of World Food Program USA, tells The Christian Science Monitor.

Will higher inflation the most painless way to escape the current financial crisis?
The Economist poses that question to a group of economists.






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