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Obama Calls On Egypt, Turkey To Take Lead In Middle East Crisis
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he is willing to expand and escalate military operations in Gaza, including targeting the residences of top Hamas leaders. On Sunday, Israel launched attacks on two media centers and a military training facility.

Before leaving for Asia, Obama telephoned Turkey and Egypt and urged those nations to become more involved in attempts to de-escalate the crisis.

Public And Private Debt Crippling Western Economies
Der Speigel columnist Corndt Schnibben addresses the plague of debt that is ravaging economies in Europe and the US.

“When the debts of companies and private households are added to the public debt, the sum of all debt has grown at twice the rate of economic output since 1985, and it is now three times the size of the gross world product,” says Schribben, adding that as a result of public indebtedness the markets, rather than citizens or their representatives, have more say in setting policies.

This dire view of the economic future is echoed in an London Telegraph editorial which contends that the current “democratic socialism” and “exponential growth of government spending will have paved the way for the hard redistribution of diminished resources under economic dictatorship. You think this sounds fanciful? It is just the logical conclusion of what will seem like enlightened social policy in a zero-growth society where hardship will need to be minimised by rigorously enforced equality.”

US Energy And The Keystone Pipeline
During the presidential campaign, the Keystone pipeline was the symbol Republicans used to criticize President Obama’s policies on energy. His refusal to grant approval to its building (due to concerns from environmental special interests) was a frequent talking point. Now that he is reelected, Obama faces a decision and it can no longer be avoided.

US Cities Demonstrate Effective Job-Creating Policies
The Atlantic issues its rankings of the metropolitan areas which are leading the way in terms of job creation and competitiveness.

Et Cetera
The lives of Solzhenitsyn and Tolstoy are well known, but what about the wives of these great Russian writers?

Are the atrocities perpetrated against Syria’s Alawites genocide?

Is your survival dependent upon how sexy you are?





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