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Syria’s Civil War Continues To Expand Beyond Its Borders
Syrian government forces continued to launch assaults on rebel forces, including firing on civilians near the Turkish border.

After a misguided mortar shell landed on a Israeli military post on Sunday, Israeli forces responded with a “warning shot” into the Golan Heights.

Following several days of talks, Syrian opposition groups have formed a new coalition to manage its political and military activities. The National Coalition for Revolutionary Forces and the Syrian Opposition will be led by reformist Damascus cleric Mouaz al-Khatib, who will act as president of the reorganized forces.

The Next Treasury Secretary
Bloomberg News columnist Simon Johnson weighs in with his top picks to succeed Tim Geithner at the Treasury Department.

Is Washington’s Approach To Reducing The Deficit Balanced?
Washington’s politicians have been wrangling over the details of a “balanced approach” to avoiding the fiscal cliff. What they say that means is an even split between budget cuts and revenue increases. But is their approach really balanced or too focused on raising rates on the top two percent?

Republicans and Democrats say in public that a resolution will be reached to avoid the fiscal cliff, but not everybody is convinced that this will occur.

African Troops To Head To Mali To Counter al-Qaeda
Several West African nations have announced plans to send forces to Mali, although final approval must be obtained from the United Nations before tehy can be deployed. While the UN and European Union played a role in developing a plan to send troops, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) took a prominent role in order to ensure the mission would be seen as African in nature.

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