Markets, Congress Reacts To Presidential Election Results

Signs Of Progress On Fiscal Cliff
House Majority Leader John Boehner said on Wednesday that the Republica caucus would be willing to offer some concessions in an effort to reach a deal on the looming fiscal cliff. He demonstrated willingness to consider options for “new revenue,” but reasserted his opposition to any raising of tax rates.

Markets Reaction To The Election
US markets react to the end of the election with one of the worst days in almost a year closing below 13,000 for the first time in three months.

What’s Next For The Obama Administration
Stars and Stripes examines what President Obama’s re-election means for military and veterans’ funding, while The Financial Times outlines the long list of challenges facing President Obama.

China Picks New Leadership
The American elections are over and now it is time for China to pick its new leadership. While China’s focus on economic growth reflects the same concern that existed during the US campaign, little else draws the same comparisons.

Syrians Find Agreement On Smaller Issues For Next Government
Syria’s opposition groups have agreed that they want to see President Bashar al-Assad ousted from power and that Damascus would be the capital of a new Syria. Far less agreement exists on whether the new government should be secular or Islamist, which could hamper the coalition.

Greeks Protest In Days Before Austerity Vote
Thousands of Greeks took to the streets to voice their opposition to further austerity cuts as the government prepares to vote on key measures that will determine whether the ailing country receives additional bailout funds.




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