Is It Time To Revisit Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks?

Pursuing A Lasting Peace In The Middle East – Just Not Now
Having been eclipsed by Hamas during the recent negotiations over Gaza, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is making a push to secure observer status at the United Nations for Palestine.

Because Hamas is still viewed as a terrorist state, most Western nations prefer moving forward on any broader peace talks with Abbas. His support among his constituents is weakened, however, because he has to date failed to provide any progress.

The failure on all sides to secure a lasting peace agreement between is precisely the reason some are arguing that the time is not right to reignite talks.

Harvard University fellow Chuck Freilich echoes this sentiment in arguing that the stakes are too high to begin anew. peace talks in the Middle East.

“The Mideast peace process is too important for Israel, the Palestinians, the region and for U.S. interests to allow well-meaning but unrealistic hopes to propel precipitous action. If Abbas signals a willingness to conduct substantive negotiations, if the next Israeli government is more forthcoming than predicted, the U.S. should cautiously explore the possibilities,” he says, adding that the “next time the U.S. engages [in brokering peace talks], it must succeed.”

Syria Is The Key To Stability In The Middle East
Former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice contends that the Syrian crisis is much more than a humanitarian one and that a failure to end the year-long civil war has grave consequences.

“The conflict in Syria is pushing Iraq and others to the breaking point. At the same time, U.S. disengagement has tempted Iraqi politicians to move toward sectarian allies for survival. If Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki cannot count on the Americans, he will take no risks with Tehran.

“The great mistake of the past year has been to define the conflict with Bashar al-Assad’s regime as a humanitarian one. The regime in Damascus has been brutal, and many innocent people have been slaughtered. But this was no replay of Libya. Much more is at stake,” Rice writes in The Washington Post.








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