Friday Headlines

Palestine Wins Observer Status In UN Vote
The US voted against granting observer status to Palestine and some in Congress are considering offering legislation to cut off UN funding.

Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev said the UN vote was a step away, rather than toward peace, while the Palestinians welcomed the action with celebrations in the street.

Fiscal Cliff
Republicans dismissed the proposal by the Obama administration to end the fiscal cliff because the plan would include additional stimulus and was vague on which spending cuts it would accept. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner was sent to Capitol Hill to push the Obama plan, but talks quickly disintegrated amid dueling press conferences by Republican and Democrats in Congress.

The stalemate raises the likelihood that most Americans will see their taxes increase at the end of the year.

European Financial Crisis
German Parliament approves another round of bailout funds for ailing Greece just as unemployment in the European Union reached another record high.

War In Congo
Actor Ben Affleck argues in a Washington Post editorial for intervention by the US in the ongoing civil war in the Congo.

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