A new way forward in Syria?

Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Trudy Rubin says there is a path that leads to a moderate Syria. She says that the “emergence of a credible council could also provide reassurance to fearful minorities in Syria that they will be welcome in a post-Assad era.”

And while there have been initial grumblings at meetings to establish such a council, she adds, “There are now sufficient councils of civilians and military commanders in liberated areas to provide the basis for a transitional government. Those governments that want to speed the end of the Assad regime must expedite the birth of such a government ASAP, with pledges that it will receive aid.”

The effort to identify an alternative to the Syrian National Council is also supported by the Obama administration, which is encouraged by a meeting scheduled for next week at which 50 opposition representatives will meet to discuss a transition government. According to officials who spoke with The Washington Post if “all goes as planned, the Arab League will bless the process at an upcoming meeting in Cairo.”

To date, the Syrian civil war has claimed as many as 36,000 lives.

Syria is just one of the many hotspots that will confront whoever emerges as the victor in next Tuesday’s presidential election. In fact, the next president will hav a very full agenda from handling the consequences of the Arab Spring, Iran, and maintaining good relations with Asia.

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