US mayors fear the sequester’s mandatory cuts

Will The Sequester’s Impact Extend Beyond The Defense Industry
Analysts have beaten the drum in recent months that a failure to avoid mandatory cuts required by the sequester agreement would have a devastating impact on the defense industry. Now, the nation’s mayors are raising their voices and calling on Congress to take action.

In related news, a new poll suggests many voters would accept an increase in taxes if it meant avoiding cuts to entitlement programs, the National Journal reports.

Economic Growth
In the Washington Post, Dylan Matthews looks at some of the reasons tax reform could spur economic growth, while the New York Times examines how income inequality would actually slow growth.

Are The Regimes In Russia And China Bound To Collapse?
Jackson Diehl portends an inevitable end to despotic regimes in China and Russia. He notes that many “predictions that systemic change is inevitable, and that it might be tumultuous, are coming not just from lonely dissidents or hostile Western observers but from stalwarts of the establishments in Moscow and Beijing.”

Presidential Debate
Forbes columnist John Tanny laments that the presidential debate was an argument against both candidates and concludes that it “has to be considered a draw, albeit one in which both fighters punched themselves out in the first round. It was truly an embarrassing night for each candidate, and as the world was watching, an embarrassing night for the United States more broadly.”



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