Sunday Roundtable

US Naval Forces
Following the final presidential debate the state of US naval forces has received renewed attention. Brookings Institution scholar Michael O’Hanlon says the US Navy can function at its current size, but will need some new ideas to retain its strength.

Depsite a pledge by both sides of the conflict to lay down arms during the Muslim holiday of Eid, continued attacks cast further doubt on the future of peace talks in the embattled nation.

Afghanistan’s Future
Afghanistan’s future may depend on how it deals with the coming transition of security forces from NATO to Afghanistanis, what kind of economic model it chooses to pursue and how the nation manages its political system.

The Arab Spring
Has the Arab Spring lived up to its aspirational goals, or has it failed to deliver the reforms promised?

The Housing (Or Lack Thereof) Recovery
Why has the recovery from the foreclosure crisis been so slow?

Terrorism In Nigeria
Another Christian church in Nigeria is attacked in a raid that killed 10 people.


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