Sunday Look Around The World

Venezuelan Elections
The 14-year reign of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was put to a challenge as voters began voting on Sunday. Chavez is facing off against opposition candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski, who is receiving substantial support from among members of the oil industry, which has been increasingly under Chavez’ thumb throughout the last decade.

And the richness of the nation’s oil reserves are also the focus of outside analysts who fear that the election and aftermath could have a negative impact on global oil markets.

Opposition forces in Syria claimed control of an Army outpost near the Turkish border, while Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has vowed to “crush” the rebels.

Five consecutive days of Syria and Turkey exchanging heated rhetoric and military firepower has that nations’ neighbors concerned the war could engulf the region.

South Korea
The United States and South Korea reached an agreement that would permit Seoul to increase the deployment of unmanned aerial vehicles, double the range of its ballistic missiles and increase their payload.

Et Cetera
London Telegraph columnist Christopher Booker believes that if the UK ratifies a treaty to stay within the European Union, it will lead to citizens becoming nothing more than second-class.

Some California gas stations are closing down their pumps in response to rationing by the state’s oil refineries, which has produced record-high gas prices.

Can cheaper computers actually lead to greater academic achievement?



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