Monday News and Views

Venezuelan Elections
In what came as little surprise to most poll watchers, Socialist Hugo Chavez won an overwhelming reelection in Venezuela, albeit by a smaller margin than in the past. While Chavez’ grip on power has not weakened substantially, his health has, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The United Nations Secretary General issued a warning that the crisis in Syria is reaching a very dangerous point as its neighbors are being drawn more intently into the war. However, there was a sign from Syria’s opposition on Monday that they would accept a limited role for the ruling Ba’ath Party in a post-Assad political framework, according to the Houston Chronicle.

European Union
The European financial crisis has spurred a few nations, including Britain, to weigh the options of leaving the Euro zone. It has also renewed a desire for independence in smaller European territories like Catalonia and even Scotland.

Et Cetera
More than 20 companies have indicated that they will relocate their headquarters to Great Britain as a consequence of US tax laws.

Has the Obama administration foresaken the US role in global events?

Is the political dysfunction in Washington harming economic growth?

British and Japanese scientists win Nobel Prize for work with stem cells.



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