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Losing The Americas
Is America losing its influence in Latin America? Sarah Miller Llana argues in the Christian Science Monitor that the US focus on maintaining a closed-door policy toward Cuba has allowed foreign investors, such as China and India, to exploit an opening and limit American influence in the region.

The Global Economy
Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers offers a dim view of the global economic situation, arguing that “what started as a financial problem is becoming a structural one.” Furthermore, he says reaching a consensus on a solution to the current crisis will be difficult because there is no agreement on what has caused the crisis itself.

“If there is no consensus on the causes or solutions to serious problems, it is  unreasonable to ask a political system to implement forceful actions in a  sustained way. Unfortunately, this is to an important extent the case with  respect to current economic difficulties, especially in the industrial world,” he writes.

The State Of Social Security Reform
Former Federal Reserve nominee Peter Diamond weighs in on the state of Social Security reform from means testing to benefit cuts.

Taliban Shooting Victim Transferred To Britain
Malala Yousafzai, the girl who was shot by the Taliban in Pakistan for fighting for girls to have access to education, has been moved to a hospital in Britain.

Has the Obama administration lost Syria?
The Washington Post’s Jackson Diehl contends that while the Obama administration is not “solely responsible” for the Syrian debacle, “his serial miscalculations have had the consistent if unintended effect of enabling Syria’s Bashar al-Assad — first to avoid international isolation, then to go on slaughtering his own population with impunity.”

Professors Win Nobel Prize In Economics
Harvard University’s Alvin Roth and UCLA’s Lloyd Shapley won the prize “for the theory of stable allocations and the practice of market design,” according to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.




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