Friday Headlines

A Nuclear Iran
The Bipartisan Policy Center examined the economic and energy consequences of a failure to prevent Iran from achieving nuclear weapons capabilities. The report found that the potential conflict arising from a nuclear Iran could result in the increase the price of oil by between 10 and 25 percent.

Currently, Iran is struggling under international sanctions but its economy has not been crippled yet. And they may get some relief as global leaders will begin to look at reformulating a proposal that will offer limited relief from existing sanctions and other incentives for Iran, according to the Guardian.

Fiscal Cliff
Zhu Min, the International Monetary Fund’s deputy managing director, says that the US fiscal cliff would have a devastating impact on the global economy.

Finance Under Investigation
From the Federal government to state attorneys general, financial institutions are under investigation, scrutiny and examination. But, is it too much?

Some good news from Europe

The European Union may not be able to reach a financial consensus, but the EU was recognized by the Nobel Committee this year with a Nobel Peace Prize.

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