United Nations faces a packed agenda as it gathers in New York

Leading up to the United Nations General Assembly Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon issued a stern warning to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahdmdinejad to stay away from his hallmark inflammatory rhetoric. Iran recently accused the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) of spying on the rogue nation on behalf of Israel.

Iran’s nuclear programme, as well as the war in Syria and the spread of al-Qaeda, will be several of the issues vying for attention as the UN opens its 67th meeting. With NATO saying it favored remaining out of Syria, there will be a greater impetus on the UN to move forward with some resolution and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is expected to apply pressure at this week’s gathering.

At a time when global conflicts in Sudan and Syria appear intractable, there will be a renewed discussion concerning the relevance of the international body itself.



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