Thursday Headlines: Syria death toll reaches 30,000

Syrian War Reaches Disturbing Hallmarks
According to Syrian activists, more than 300 people were killed in a single day of fighting around Damascus and more than 30,000 have perished since the war began more than a year ago.

At the United Nations General Assembly meeting, Britain’s David Cameron used the opportunity to strongly criticize the international body for a failure to act to stem the violence in Syria.

It is anticipated that as many as 70,000 refugees will have fled Syria by year’s end.

The war in Syria took center stage in New York overshadowing many other issues, including the global financial crisis and the civil war in Mali.

Global Financial Crisis
Jeremy Warner of the London Telegraph argues that this financial crisis is unlike all previous slowdowns.

“Never before have we seen a financial crisis result in such all-encompassing and explosive growth in public indebtedness. This is not a problem exclusive to Britain, nor is the UK even the worst example of it. To a greater or lesser extent, all advanced economies that were directly involved in the financial crisis have suffered the same phenomenon, with public debt climbing to previously unthinkable levels,” he writes.

The Wall Street Journal offers its list of Top 50 start-ups and fewer than ever are from the health care and energy industries.

As debt and deficits cripple economies around the world, the Christian Science Monitor makes the case that the new heroes of democracy are those who tell the truth on the fiscal realities.



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