Sunday Headlines

China and Japan
Tensions in the South China Sea rose as thousands of Chinese protesters took to the streets in response to last week’s purchase by Japan of some of the Diaoyu islands.

Fallout from Benghazi Attacks
US withdraws staff from its embassies in Tunisia and Sudan as threats against Americans increase. Despite recent events, the US will remain the dominant power in the Middle East.

Writing in the Washington Post, Fouad Ajami attempts to explain why Muslims are so easily offended by an obscure film.

Papal Visit
On a tour of several countries in the Middle East, Pope Benedict concluded his visit by celebrating an outdoor Mass in Beirut.

Why did the Fed make the decision to continue quantitative easing and what – if any – will be the impact?

Wall Street
A year after it was the media’s darling, Occupy Wall Street appears to have lost its mojo.


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