Saturday Morning Reading

The War of Attrition – Winning Hearts and Minds
The Hoover Institution’s Yuri Yarim-Agaev looks at methods the US could employ to fight an ideological war in the Middle East.

Red State Versus Blue State: Who Is Better Off?
The City Journal examines the findings of a new study on whether Americans living in the red or blue states are financially better off.

Americans Are Not Embracing An Isolationist Foreign Policy
A new survey from the Foreign Policy Initiative found 92.2% of Americans believe it is important for the United States to maintain an international presence and 85.7% characterize the US as a “force for good in the world.”

Has the US Economy Hit a Ceiling?
Is it possible that the US economy has reached the peak of its growth? An economist from Northwestern University believes so.

China’s Government In Flux
As the top Communist official faces a trial for ethical and legal abuses over the last 30 years, the rest of the world waits anxiously for China’s government to find stability.

The Supreme Court Begins A New Session Next Week
Affirmative action in college admissions, gay marriage, voter identification laws are among the issues the high court will address this session.



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