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In Russia for the APEC summit, Chinese President Hu Jintao told business leaders that a global recovery was being stymied by “destabilizing factors and uncertainties” and that it was not clear the crisis would end soon, according to Reuters.

APEC leaders also pledged to move toward a policy of more flexible exchange rates.

The Federal Reserve
Will the Fed take action take action this week? Economists believe so. Edward Chancellor takes a long view of Fed policy by examining the long-term impact of low interest rates.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton concluded talks with Russia on policy toward Syria on a down note saying that the US must be “realistic” about reaching a solution.

“We haven’t seen eye-to-eye on Syria. That may continue. And if it does continue then we will work with like-minded states to support the Syrian opposition to hasten the day when Assad falls, ” she said.

The assault by forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad continued with ongoing attacks on rebels in Aleppo as nearly 150 were killed in fighting on Saturday.

Et Cetera
The next “water war” will not refer to battles entered into on the high seas, but conflicts waged over access to the most precious resource – water.

In his new book Paul Volcker: Triumph of Persistence, William L.Silber examines the role of Volcker played in shaping US monetary policy through his actions at the Federal Reserve Board.

Iran cuts its ties after Canada put a freeze on diplomatic relations.

An e-mail trail provides insight on how the revolving door works in the world of the SEC.




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