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Redefining US Policy In The Middle East
Shadi Hamid of the Brookings Institution has outlined a set of policy goals the next president should consider as they shape their approach to the Arab Spring and US policy in the Middle East. Hamid believes a focus on democratization and quick action concerning the two-state solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict need to be central to that policy.

Tamara Wittes responded to his arguments, particularly concerning discussions with Islamists (she thinks they should be nonexclusive) and that the US approach to the Arab Spring needs to be comprehensive, rather than on a state-by-sate basis.

The New Battlefield
Shane Harris of the Hoover Institute examines how the use of drones is reshaping the modern battlefield. In related news, a study from Harvard and New York University asserts that in Pakistan drones have killed more civilians than the terrorists.

Does the terroritorial dispute between China and Japan signal a power shift in the political dynamic in Asia?

South Africa
Rather than calming down, the unrest is spreading as mine workers in South Africa embark on a new round of protests.



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