Can the market predict the election?

The Markets and the Election
Opinion polls are the surefire gauge to determine in which direction the election is moving, but what do market trends say about the state of the presidential campaign, and who which candidate will be of more benefit to the stock market.

Doyle McManus uses his Los Angeles Times column to examine whether businessmen make better presidents than other professions.

Not your father’s Middle East
Ian Bremmer describes the new Middle East as a place where “old assumptions must be questioned and new crises loom” and that local governments, “aware there are fewer constraints on their belligerence, will be forced to accept greater responsibility for provocative actions.”

Defense Secretary’s Travel To China
Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta is on his first visit to China this week. Prior his departure, the Center for Strategic and International Studies posed some questions about what the trip will mean and what is at stake.

Back at home, the president and his Republican challenger are falling back into old political habits using China as whipping boy.

China and Japan Island Dispute
In the face of Chinese bluster and threats, Japan faces some tough decisions on how and when to respond.

Uncertainty and the Job Market
Is uncertainty over tax cuts and the fiscal cliff having an impact on the jobless rate?

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