Tuesday Headlines

The Fiscal Cliff
For some it is a mere punchline in an awful joke about the dysfunctional nature of Washington, but the fiscal cliff poses a real threat to the US economy.

“Every country in history that’s gotten into this situation has had a crisis or a semi-crisis, or both. In 2002 we had an economic slowdown, which was fairly serious, and then in 2007 and 2008 we had another one, which was worse because the debt was so, so, so much higher. The next time around the debt is going to be that much more catastrophic,” says renowned investor Jim Rogers.

The Future of the EU
Mats Persson writes in the London Telegraph of a potential conflict between efforts to save the European Union and those to preserve democracy. Persson says that the EU was “a project that was meant to bring people together, [but] now risks driving them further apart.”

Et cetera
Is the European financial crisis creating generational rifts?

Global finance analysts see rise in food prices, but not ready to characterize it as a crisis – yet.

Will taxes increase regardless of who wins the election in November?

Britain begins a new marketing plan for an old product – socialized medicine.

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