Syria experiences bloodiest day to date as Britain, France harden their positions

Earlier this week, the United States issued a warning to Syria concerning any use of chemical weapons against civilians, but that is as far as the administraion would go. However, France and Britain both are backing a no-fly zone or some manner of intervention even without UN approval.

“France signalled it would be willing to participate in a limited no-fly zone  and suggested for the first time that such an operation could be mounted without  reference to the UN Security Council, where Russia and China wield a veto.

“The United States and Turkey have already discussed the possibility although  Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, has said ”greater in-depth  analysis” was needed,” according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Rebel forces said the discovery of hundreds of bodies in the southwestern town of Daraya is further evidence of the Syrian government making a final, violent pushto reclaim lost territory.

Saturday was the deadliest day so far in the civil war with more than 300 people being killed. And as the death toll rises, the presence of al-Qaeda involvement in the brutal war continues to emerge.

Confidence in the prospects of a resolution was further damaged when the newly-installed United Nations chief negotiator said that he was “honored, flattered, humbled, and scared” about his mission, Reuters reports.



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