Sunday News and Notes

Syrian Crisis
The Arab League has postponed plans to discuss the way forward in Syria and the possible replacement for Kofi Annan as UN envoy. Meanwhile, after meeting with Turkish officials, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is seeking to strengthen and broaden relations with Syria’s opposition.

The immediate impact of the violence in Syria is all-too-apparent, but it is the spillover effects which could pose a more lasting danger.

Territorial Disputes in Asia
In Asia, tenuous relations between nations is leading to an increase in territorial disputes and China is making sure to exercise its voice through politics and its military.

Gauging the State of the Global Economy
A number of economic reports are scheduled to be released in the coming week providing another glimpse at the state of the US and global economies.

Is technology the key to ensuring adequate access to water in the world’s cities?

US Election
Will the Ryan selection mean an honest discussion of tax and Medicare reform?The Wall Street Journal interviews Rep. Dave Camp on whether it is politically possible to achieve real tax reform. The question is particularly relevant as Rep. Paul Ryan, the GOP’s new vice presidential candidate, is viewed as a member of the Republican’s reform wing. In fact, Ryan altered his original Medicare reform plan to meet some of the demands and gain the support of liberal Sen. Ron Wyden.

Et Cetera
On the road to Damascus, Syria’s Christians find themselves in an undesirable position facing an uncertain future.

Is 2012 the most important election since 1980?

Is it impossible to live in the moment? University of Pittsburgh researchers believe it is.

After Curiosity, what is next on the agenda for NASA’s Mars program?

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