Sunday News and Notes

On Sunday, President Bashar al-Assad’s forces shelled the city of Aleppo, which Syrian television described as a process of “cleansing [the city] of terrorist filth.” Meanwhile, on the diplomatic track, China once again assigned blame on the US and Western nations for the ongoing war in Syria.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is travelling to Turkey next week, will discuss the way forward in Syria and the refugee crisis in Turkey that has resulted from the increasing violence.

Tensions in the South China Sea increased over the weekend as China issued a  rebuke of the United States for a diplomat’s statement about China’s establishment of a military garrison near the Phillipines.

On a less contentious matter, China’s central bank is likely to fine tune monetary policy in coming weeks.

Sudan/South Sudan
Just over a year after it gained its independence, South Sudan reached an agreement with Khartoum concerning the South’s exportation of oil along Sudan’s pipeline.

The US has warned both sides that sanctions remain an option if the warring does not abate, but placed the responsibility on South Sudan to take the initiative.


Kamal Ahmed writes in the London Telegraph about the debate over corporate sponsorships of the Olympics.

Whether Mitt Romney or Barack Obama claim victory in November, the next US president will face several critical human rights challenges.

What lessons can Silicon Valley learn from automakers in Detroit?

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger opines in the Washington Post about the struggle between the realists and the idealists in defining US policy in the Middle East.

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