Saturday’s news and some notes

New UN Envoy To Syria Named
New Syrian envoy is named as refugee crisis rises to a critical level. Lackhdar Brahimi, an experienced Algerian statesman, will pick up where Kofi Annan left, but few expect better results.

Germany’s Angela Merkel offers restrained support for ECB aid package. While Europe may be looking more positive in recent days, one Forbes columnist argues that the crisis will continue for a long time to come.

Middle East
At least four Afghan residents out shopping for the Muslim holiday of Eid killed in another bombing putting a cap on another violent week in the Middle East.

Heated battles between South African police and laborers filled the headlines this week, but, on a positive note, Dan O’Brien writes about the African economic renaissance in the Irsh Times. Although no African nation counts itself among the members of the UN’s Organization of Economic Development, at least five are edging close.

Et Cetera
If you are reading this on vacation, you are not one of the 55 million Americans who get no access to time off.

French economist Guy Sormin makes the case for a resurgent Europe, albeit in the long-term.

Some federal pensions pay well and then some.

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