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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Turkey for talks on plans for a post-Assad Syria as Iran, excluded from most international discussions of possible resolutions, held a crisis meeting of its own. A close ally of Syria the talks did not reach any conclusions or release any plans.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration is under increasing pressure from foreign policy figures in its own party to take bolder action to stem the violence. Syria’s neighbors, however, are under a different kind of pressure as the refugee crisis is getting worse. An estimated 150,000 Syrians have fled their war-torn nation.

Egypt’s president faces his first real test of leadership as violence increases in the Sinai.

Goldman Sachs
The Justice Department may have ended its investigation of alleged wrongdoing by Goldman Sachs, but they may not be out of the woodss yet, says Fotune magazine.

The November election has been called a referendum on the different economic policies of the two parties, but neither will be able to avoid talking foreign policy.

Is democracy still the best model for good governance?

Designing a better system for educating future generations across the globe – a Brookings Institution gameplan.

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