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The New Normal is the New Scary
The New Normal may be even worse than anticipated, says Mohammed El-Erian in Foreign Policy.¬†Contending that bad politics is making the financial crisis more severe, El-Erian writes that as “politicians and policymakers lag the realities on the ground, the greater the likelihood that markets will add to growing global insecurity. Indeed, for the first time in a very long while, our children’s generation may be worse off than ours — economically, financially, politically, even socially. .”

Afghanistan war is growing more deadly
Another suicide bombing kills a dozen more in Afghanistan makes this year the deadliest so far.

Illegal Immigration
The Department of Homeland Security begins its new immigration program today, but the consequences of allowing illegal immigrants to gain work permits without threat of deportation remains unclear.

US envoy expresses concern about proposals for a buffer zone in Syria.

Financial Regulation
Are regulations in the US harming an emerging markets bank?



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