In the News: Apple verdict, Afghanistan War

Apple wins jury verdict in patent infringement case
A nine-member jury decided that Samsung violated US patent law when it designed its own version of the Apple IPad. The jury awarded Apple $1.05 billion (half of what Apple was seeking) and it remained uncertained whether Samsung would appeal the verdict. The case is not simply a battle over one patent, it is part of a broader row between the tech giants that has global implications.

Gen. George R. Allen says that despite recent “green on blue” attacks, the war in Afghanistan is anything but a failure.

“This moment in Afghan history has arrived not by accident or luck but in the wake of powerful events: the growing strength and capability of Afghan security forces; the signing of bilateral and multilateral strategic partnerships; and the international community’s pledge of substantial support for the next decade,” Gen. Allen writes in The Washington Post.

Presidential Campaign and Foreign Policy
Brian Katulis writes on about the five security issues that should be topics of conversation on the campaign trail.

France and Germany Not Yet Writing Off Greece
Germany’s Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande said they were both willing to offer assistance to ensure Greece remained in the Euro Zone. Merkel said she wanted “Greece to remain part of the eurozone” and would “remain as helpful as possible” on the condition that it kept its pledge to implement political reforms.

School Choice
A new report by the Brookings Institution examining the impact of school choice on youth in New York City found an 24 percent increase in college enrollment among blacks, but little statistical difference among Hispanics. According to the authors, the discrepency largely resulted from the fact that fewer Hispanic children were at risk of not attending college, therefore less likely to consider the school choice option.

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