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Will there be enough physicians to meet rising demand for services?
In the Wall Street Journal John Goodman details an unfortunate consequence of Obamacare – the increase in demand for health care services cannot be met by the current crop of physicians.

Lost in the Medicare debate: the elderly are doing fine
Washington Post columnist Charles Lane argues that the violins playing for the elderly should be put down, noting that a mere 9 percent of Americans older than 65 had incomes below the poverty line in 2010, a stark contrast to the 13.7 percent of the general population was living in poverty.

Has China’s economic slowdown hit bottom?
According to Bloomberg Businessweek, many analysts see an end coming to China’s industrial slowdown.

European economies contract – again
Europe’s slump is deepening as governments struggle to restore investor  confidence in their ability to plug budget gaps. Euro-area economic confidence  fell to the lowest in almost three years in July and some of the region’s  largest companies, including Deutsche Bank, announced  job cuts,” reports the Sydney Morning Herald.


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