Damage and damage control in Syria

With the defection – the most high-ranking to date – of Syria’s prime minister, Bashar al-Assad’s regime called the cabinet together in an attempt to stem any further bleeding from the inside.

The worsening crisis in Syria was also the focus of Iran, whose officials were meeting with their counterparts in Turkey and in Damascus, where the talks were concentrated on the 48 Iranians who were captured last week.

The Cato Institute recently issued an analysis of the implications of the ongoing war on both the larger region, in particular on Iran.

“An even greater risk is that the power struggle in Syria could spread well beyond Syria’s borders, including into Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey. Already there are indications that Damascus has retaliated for Ankara’s backing of the FSA by reviving Syrian support for Kurdish rebels in Turkey. The Kurdish insurgents there certainly have become more active in recent months,” the authors maintain.

As was the case in Iraq, many of Syria’s ancient treasures are also being plundered along the way.

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