As violence rages, the cost of inaction in Syria rises

The number of refugees fleeing the worsening situation in Syria in Turkey rose to 50,000 as Syrian government forces renewed their assault on Aleppo. Nevertheless, the United Nations continues its search for a replacement for an individual to replace Kofi Annan as its special envoy to Syria.

And with an increase in violence has come an increase of voices calling for bolder action by the Obama administration, including a piece by former British foreign secretary Malcolm Rifkind in the New York Times.

The chorus began singing on Monday with a column by Senators Joe Lieberman and John Mccain warning of the price of inaction.

On Thursday, Rifkind was joined by the editorial board of the Washington Post, which argued that the Obama administration could no longer stand on the sidelines of the conflict.

“The grim reality is that the regime and the brutal war it is waging in Syria’s cities is likely to go on and on — unless the United States abandons its policy of passivity.

Experts on Syria say that Mr. Assad’s power structure is not so much crumbling as fragmenting along ethnic lines. What remains is a hard core of military units and their leaders, drawn from the minority Alawite sect,” the Post said.


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