Syria aircraft attack Aleppo in attempt to regain momentum

Syria’s largest city was bombarded by government aircraft as the regime of Bashar al-Assad struggled to regain its grasp on power. According to the Washington Postthe assault included both the use of heavy artillery shelling and rockets launched from military helicopters.

In response, rebel forces ordered their troops to Aleppo to reinforce their defenses.

The increase in the ferocity of the fighting has many analysts and military officials concerned after Syria acknowledged on Monday that it has chemical weapons, although their willingness to use them remains uncertain. Seeking to play power broker, Russia announced that Syria had given it assurances that the chemical weapons were being safeguarded and posed no threat.

What next? New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman draws comparisons between Syria and Iraq saying that it was the presence of US troops in Iraq which kept it from falling into the abyss. However, he asserts, that is not an option in Syria because the US has no stomach to place troops on the ground.

It would appear that, like Friedman, no one is certain what tomorrow holds besides more violence and thousands of more refugees.


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