Sunday News and Notes

Syria Update
Syria and Iran will meet today as both level accusations of a foreign conspiracy against the Assad regime, which launched another round of attacks on Aleppo.

The attacks have resulted in more urgent calls for foreign nations to arm the rebel forces and – after 16 months of fighting – yet another call from UN special envoy Kofi Annan to find a resolution.

The United Nations has prepared contingencies for a post-Assad Syria, but will it follow the model of Iraq or Afghanistan or . . . .  More importantly, is it up to the challenge?

Germany’s Left Party Proposes Plan to Save the Euro
Germany’s Left Party has emerged with a new idea to save the Euro. According to Der Speigel, the Left Party’s plan “calls for the immediate introduction of communitized European debt in the form of euro bonds in addition to a Continent-wide banking union. German taxpayers would become the primary backers of European debt, and a euro-zone-wide deposit guarantee would help ensure the stability of banks in the bloc.”

US Debt
Most people are aware of the prevarious fiscal state of Social Security, but a new report shows that Social Security disability program is scheduled to go broke in four years.

AIDS Crisis
While there has been progress on the battle to combat AIDS, little has been done to address the crisis around the corner – the socioeconomic impact of the 20 million AIDS orphans.

The notion of American Exceptionalism
Former World Bank President Robert Zoellick delivered a speech on American exceptionalism: Time for new Thinking on Economics and Security Policy.


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