Sunday News and Notes

Arab League Council representatives will meet on Sunday in Qatar to discuss plans to deal with the ongoing civil war in Syria, as fighting spread to the second-largest city in Syria.

The Center for Strategic and International Studies has published on report on the potential consequences of intervening in Syria.

US has called on countries in South Asia to formulate an agreement on a “code of conduct” to avoid any potential “accidental” war in the South China Sea.

Needless to say, China asserts that it is accord with regional agreements on permissable actions and accuses the US of interfering.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has moved to strengthen his position by signing a controversial law requiring nongovernmental organizations that receive outside funding to register as foreign agents.

And after 18 years of attempting to enter the World Trade Organization, Putin also signed the protocol allowing Russia to enter the WTO.

Et Cetera
An International Monetary Fund economist has resigned over what he believes is a bias toward Europe.

Deaths related to HIV/AIDS have dropped 5.6 percent as access to drugs have increased in recent years, reports Businessweek.

Forbes looks at the important role South Sudan holds in terms of shaping Africa’s economic future.

The summer weather has been uncomfortable, but the consequences of the drought spreading across the US will make things even more uncomfortable.

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