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Aid to Afghanistan
At an international conference in Tokyo, more than 70 countries pledged to contribute $16 billion in development aid for Afghanistan through 2014. The donors stressed the aid will be closely monitored to ensure it is properly utilized. The aid, which comes with conditions, was pledged a day after the US called Afghanistan a major non-NATO ally.

The Syrian military performed exercises to demonstrate how it would defend itself against foreign “aggression,” according to a Fox News report citing Syrian news agencies. At a donors conference in Tokyo, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton contended that it should be “abundantly clear to those who support the Assad regime their days are numbered.”

While most view recent high-level defections within the Assad regime as a positive development, it could result in an increase in violence. Five people were killed in fighting that spread into Lebanon on Saturday.

US employment figures, which fell below expectations, have consumers on edge and analysts more convinced we are in a zombie economy.

Libyans have voted, now comes the wait for the counting of ballots.

In Mali, al-Qaeda militants continue to engage in daily attacks creating another refugee crisis in Niger.

With each new financial scandal, politicians call for new laws, but can morals combat greed and corruption more effectively?

Political scientist Kathleen Hall Jamieson asks: Is it possible for an honest politician to win an election?

Charter schools raise educational standards for vulnerable children.


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