Saturday News and Notes

The Washington Post editorial board writes that the situation in  Syria is nearing a “breaking point” and that the “risks of inaction are more evident every day.”

The inaction which has allowed the crisis to continue is also impacting humanitarian aid, which is running out, according to UN humanitarian officials.

The Washington Post chronicles the journey of Ahmad Trad, a helicopter pilot who defected from Syria.

China’s Economy
Despite an aggressive stimulus, economic growth in China grew at its slowest pace in three years. With attention on China’s growth trends, Mark Hendrickson, a Forbes contributor, tries to gauge in which direction the economic tiger is headed next. At this moment, however, it would be folly for global economic leaders to assume that China is strong enough now to pull the world out of its slump.

Et Cetera

Former Secretary of State George Shultz talks to the Wall Street Journal about the challenges facing the United States and how the right leader can put the nation back on the right path.

It has always been said that bigger is better, but in terms of American marketing, simple convenience is king. The Wall Street Journal looks at how a small, seedless orange is changing the way consumers shop.

The Centre for Economic Performance has an interesting, albeit long, paper examining the impact of outsourcing on the American economy and reaches some unexpected conclusions.

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