Satuday News and Notes

Feeling increasingly under siege, Syria has pulled its troops from rural areas to focus on the raging battle in Aleppo, where helicopter gunships have launched attacks causing thousands to flee.

The brazen assault on civilians in recent days is one reason the Washington Post editorial page is calling for action, asserting that despite American war fatigue, “global leadership does not take a timeout, and sometimes it has to lead toward a consensus, not wait for one to form.”

What the international community does now, however, is as important as what comes next and some believe that even if Assad’s regime collapses, it could make matters in Syria worse?

Economic Crisis
The markets will be watching both the European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve as they meet next week to weigh possible rate cuts and other potential action just days before the release of new jobs numbers.

Last week, government economic data showed that the American economy remains stagant, while consumer sentiment took a hit in July.

International Organizations
The credibility of the United Nations took another hit as nations failed to reach a consensus on agreement on how to regulate the multi-billion global arms trade.

This week, however, highlighted an area where global cooperation has yielded positive results – the battle to combat the spread of HIV and AIDS. The weeklong conference noted the incredible progress that has been made to reduce infections, particularly in Africa. The conference remained focused on expanding the pool of individuals with access to treatment and continuing research into finding a cure.

Et cetera

The science – or lack thereof – of campaign forecasting.

Is the social media world anything more than a land of make-believe and myth-making?

The ongoing drought in the heartland is not only affecting the crops.

The Games began with a little mix of pomp, parades, and protests.

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