Rwanda fueling fight in Congo

A new United Nations report has drawn links between the government of Rwanda and the ongoing violence in the Congo.

Echoing the UN report, Sasha Lezhnev, senior policy advisor at the Enough Project, says the Rwandan government has stoked already burning fires in the Congo.

“There was a drive to cut off Rwanda’s access to the conflict minerals trade, and the new M23 rebellion was created in large part to retake control of it,” he says.

Jeffrey Tayler writes in Foreign Policy magazine that the inaction of the US to stem the violence is nothing short of a “dereliction of duty.”

“American policy toward the region, which is still essentially a reaction to the 1994 genocide in the Congo’s neighbor, Rwanda, predates President Obama’s arrival in the White House. Yet Obama could help staunch the continuing flow of blood in the region even now with a minimal commitment,” Tayler contends.

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