Disturbing trends in Syrian conflict

The United Nations was preparing to meet to discuss separate resolutions to find a diplomatic resolution to the Syrian crisis as two developments underscored the urgency to identify some means to end the violence.

The first were reports from US intelligence officials that the Syrian government was shifting parts of its chemical weapons arsenal out of storage facilities.

According to the Wall Street Journal, analysts are divided about what moves indicate about Syria’s intentions. The paper notes that some officials “fear Damascus intends to use the weapons against the rebels or civilians,” while others believe “Assad may be trying to safeguard the material from his opponents or to complicate western powers’ efforts to track the weapons.”

Whether Syria intends to launch an assault involving chemical weapons or not, it was clear that the regime remains focused on eliminating the opposition through brutal force. On Thursday, the regime carried out a campaign against the village of Tremseh killing almost 200 in the process, according to the BBC.

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