US accuses Syria of employing “horrrific tactics” as death toll rises

On Monday the United States accused Bashar al-Assad’s regime of employing “horrific tactics” against civilians and opposition forces, but did not appear to be any more likely to intervene. Syria has started to use drones to identify rebel strongholds before launching aerial attacks. More than 50 were killed in attacks on Monday.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon echoed the US concern about the intensification of the violence by demanding access to the Syrian city of Al-Heffa. As the death toll rises, some believe the heightened brutality of Assad loyalists may backfire on the regime.

“By alienating the urban Sunni middle classes who had backed Assad as a bulwark of order over chaos, and by provoking Western unease and anger in the Sunni Arab states hostile to the Alawites’ Shi’ite Muslim sponsors in Iran, the shabbiha were now a “Frankenstein’s monster”, threatening their creators’ very survival, said Fawaz Gerges at the London School of Economics,” reports Reuters.

And while the opposition forces are largely outmanned by the Syrian government troops, analysts see the rebels as growing more united and cohesive in their activities.




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