The brutality of the Syrian regime grows more apparent, but options remain limited

Syrian Crisis

United Nations observers got their first look at the site of a massacre in the village of Mazraat al-Qubair just hours before reports emerged of another brutal attack. The most recent, according to activists, lead to the death of 15 rebels.

As Syrian President Bashar al-Assad becomes more isolated (and more brazen), the divide between the United States and China and Russia deepens. Of particular concern is the possibility that their shared support for Assad will unite China and Russia against the US.

“China has been ambivalent in the past about Russian overtures to ally against the U.S., but that’s changing due to concerns over the implications of Obama’s pivot to Asia. There have recently been calls from within the Chinese military for an alliance with Russia to stand up to the U.S. pressure,” writes Dmitri Trenin in a Bloomberg News column.

Despite more voices calling for stronger action to halt the violence, few options remain on the table considering the reluctance of either the US, Europe, or NATO to step in militarily.

Notre Dame professor George Lopez suggests the only remaining option is a regional peace conference at which all sides are represented.

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