Syria sees its bloodiest day

On Thursday, the New York Times reportedthat a small band of CIA officers were operating in southern Turkey and directing arms to the Syrian opposition forces.

Both the CIA and Syrian opposition forces have denied the Times story.

Regardless of the accuracy or validity of the report, some are concerned that Syria is becoming a proxy war between the United States and Russia.

House Armed Services Committee Chairman Buck McKeon tells U.S. News & World Report that he has asked the Obama administration to spell out US interests.

“I understand the humanitarian part. But my understanding is we don’t know who the good guys and bad  guys are, who’s leading the effort. I don’t know who we’re arming, if in  fact we’re arming or helping arm some of the rebels,” McKeon said.

Blogger Daniel Larison, however, disagrees that Syria is reflective of US-Russia relations writ large.

In other developments, a Syrian fighter pilot was granted asylum when he landed in Jordan and the crisis saw its bloodiest day since the ceasefire when 170 were killed in fighting.





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