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Egyptian Elections
Tensions remain very high as Egyptian officials are set to announces the results from the nation’s recent elections. Whatever the outcome, the Islamist-military struggle is likely to continue, reports the Christian Science Monitor. This begs the question: Has Egypt’s revolution stalled?

A director of a Commerce Department-supported program recently estimated that Chinese investment in the US is set to double in coming years. This pronouncement comes as the US and China signed $3.4 billion in bilateral investment agreements.

It has always been known that the Chinese prefer to keep their activities close to the chest, but theories are circulating that China is fiddling with its economic data to mask the depth of its slowdown, asks CNBC. In fact, analysts studying electricity output have concluded that a reduction in use may mean the slowdown is worse than previously thought.

The death toll mounted in Syria as President Bashar al-Assad announced a reshuffle of his cabinet. Turkey, which is mulling its response to Syria’s shootdown of one of its fighters, has called a meeting of NATO to address the next steps.

A recent analysis of public opinion in the Middle East shows widespread condemnation of the actions of the Syrian government. It is not only outsiders who are beginning to more openly decry the Assad regime as Syrians citizens are speaking, but without attribution.

While the Syrians speak their minds, some are calling on the Obama administration to voice a Plan B for dealing with the crisis as doubts remain about the Annan peace plan.

Et cetera

Sudan orders troops to intervene to stop protests.

Has Dodd-Frank financial reform actually made the markets weaker?

Could sleeping on the job be good for you?

Sleeping on the job may be uncommon, but so too is good grammar.



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