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Russian President Vladamir Putin warned that Syria could get worse, but completely rejected the idea of intervention in the growing civil war. Meanwhile, the United States has published satellite photos of massive graves and dother evidence of human rights crimes and the United Nations official tells the Associated Press there will be no offer of amnesty.

China’s manufcaturing sector continues to show signs of a slowdown.

European Financial Crisis
Ireland seeks a bank debt deal from Germany following its “yes” vote on the Euro. However, German chancellor Angela Merkel reiterated her opposition to a debt sharing agreement as President Obama chastised European leaders on their failure to take action.

The Euro can be saved, but can the European Union, asks Georgtown University international affairs professor Charles Kupchan.

Several analysts offer their predictions on what to expect from the upcoming European Central Bank meeting.

Global Health
What does the imprisonment of the Pakistani doctor who helped capture Osama bin Laden have to do with the fight to eradicate polio? Foreign Policy magazine provides the answer.

Freedom and Democracy
The Wall Street Journal speaks with Bob Fu, a Chinese immigrant living in Texas and directing one of the largest human rights networks outside of china.

Cato Institute report examines the role of capitalism in fostering democracy

Why the US should maintain sanctions on Zimbabwe.


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