Saturday News and Notes

What really happened at this week’s European summit, asks Businessweek.

European leaders came, they met, and they left with almost as much uncertainty as they came. Did the summit achieve anything?

UN envoy Kofi Annan (again) warns that his peace plan is nearing collapse as talks in Geneva continue, while Syria remains defiant by moving forward with its assault on opposition forces.

Iranian Nuclear Program
As European Union sanctions on Iran near implementation on Sunday, Iran already has found a loophole to escape their impact. According to news reports, Iran is preparing to send submarines into the Caspian Sea

The Aspen Institute looks at the nuclear standoff as a high-level, but slow, game of chicken between the members of the Security Council (and Germany) and Iran.

Et cetera
The Wall Street Journal discusses how Asians – the fastest growing immigrant group – are transforming the face of immigration.

UNESCO designates The Church of Nativity a World Heritage Site.

Government-sponsorship of alternative energy companies takes another hit with the bankruptcy of Abound Solar, one of many in recent years.

It is not tourists, but ad agencies, who are flocking to East Africa.

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